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Default Flash Player Trouble Shooting / Helpful Tips Thread

If you find that data streaming does not always seem to work the way it should, there are a few things you should know that might help you make it work.
  1. Check the system requirements. (See below the System Requirements). Particularly make sure you have the correct browser type and version.
  2. Make sure you have the most up to date version of Flash player, and check that JWPlayer is compatible with your device.
  3. Streaming was not designed to work with Dial up or ISDN connections. You must have a Broadband connection such as a T1, Cable, WiFi or FiOS. You can check your speed here =>
  4. Check your Anti-virus or security software. Sometimes this can interfere with Streaming.
  5. Streaming is usually slowed if you try to stream data while your computer is doing a security scan or update.
  6. Make sure nothing else is running on your computer while streaming. Streaming uses a lot of your computer resources and other Flash applications and programs will compete for the computer's resources and slow down your computer and interfere with the live stream.
If you are experiencing issues while viewing the Live Stream, such as pages not loading, blank screen, hearing audio but no video, the video is choppy/jerky or video freezes, please ensure that you are using a supported operating system and browser and your version of Flash is the latest version.

Check your version of Flash player for updates.(Ver 10.1 at least)

Supported operating systems:
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
  • Mac OS 10.4 or newer
  • Supported browsers*: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer, Firefox 3.0 or newer and Safari 3 or newer
*Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari are the browsers we officially support and all are A-grade browsers. For the best experience with these features, we encourage you to use a supported browser. Google Chrome has integrated flash which automatically updates to latest flash version, this may lead to better flash streaming performance.
Other operating systems may work but we will not be able to offer the same support in the forum as supported OS's and Browsers.

Once you have followed all of the above guidelines we recommend that you test your connection on one of our free movies located here => Free Movies

  • **If you get the "stream not found" message, please refresh the page and try again. It sometimes takes several tries, but nearly every movie that has been reported with this error is working fine.
  • **If the movie stalls part way through, take note of where it stalled, refresh the page, restart the movie, let the movie connect, then drag the loading bar to approximately where you left off, pause it & let it load for a few minutes, then continue viewing. You have 10 attempts per 24 hours on your initial MG.
  • **When the movie starts, put it on pause for a few minutes to allow it to load partway before viewing. This will reduce having to pause for buffering once you start watching your chosen movie.

**NOTE: As of approximately May 18th, the site is no longer compatible with PS3.**

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