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Default Unbreakable(2000)

A suspense thriller with supernatural overtones that revolves around a man who learns something extraordinary about himself after a devastating accident.
The film opens as we see a baby being born in west Philadelphia. This is Elijah Price, later in the movie played by Samuel L Jackson. Elijah is so brittle that he is born with broken arms and legs. As he grows older, he is taunted at school and called Mr. Glass by his classmates since he is so fragile. As an adult, he runs a successful high priced comic book art gallery specializing in original drawings of super heroes.

Bruce Willis plays David Dunne. A security guard at the local college stadium. His marriage is crumbling and in fact, his wife, Robin Wright-Penn, sleeps downstairs in their son's room, and Bruce sleeps upstairs with his son.

On his way back home from a job interview in New York, Bruce's train malfunctions and derails, killing everyone on board except Bruce. He doesn't even have a scratch. After the memorial service for the crash victims, Bruce finds a note on his windshield. It's from a store named "Limited Editions" (Elijah's store) and the note asks, "Have you ever been sick?"

Bruce asks his boss and his wife but no one can ever remember him being sick. Bruce takes his son to "Limited Editions" where he meets Elijah.

Elijah explains his theory to Bruce... If Elijah can be born with brittle bones and very easily hurt, shouldn't there be someone the exact opposite? Elijah has researched every disaster to find a sole survivor without a scratch but has had no luck. After years of searching, he finally has found one in Bruce Willis.

Bruce thinks it's interesting but really just thinks Elijah is nuts. Back at the stadium, Bruce gets a call that there is someone there trying to sneak in and asking for Bruce. It's Elijah and he starts explaining his comic book theories to Bruce. Theories about everyday men being super heroes, having powers they haven't yet realized and so on. Bruce bumps into a guy in line and tells the security at the end of the line to start frisking people. They watch as the guy Bruce bumped in to, sees everyone being frisked and leaves the line. Elijah asks Bruce what that was all about and Bruce told him that when he bumped him, he had an image of a certain kind of handgun...

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