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Default Little Nicky(2000)

An absolutely brilliant and ingenious comedy.This was a great film and one of the best films of the year, contrary to what so many others say. This is the second most underrated & unappreciated movie of 2000, following Book of Shadows: The Blair Witch 2. There is nothing to not like about this movie, it is virtually non-stop laughs from beginning to end.

In this very unusual comedy, the devil meets an angel at a certain heaven-hell mixer; both drunk, they have a rendez-vois that produces three kids who somehow end up living in hell with the devil. The movie starts with a picture of hell - a guy falls off a tree spying on a woman taking off her clothes in her own house, ends up in hell. The three kids - Adrian, Cassius, and Nicky - are each very different. Cassius and Adrian live up to their rep of being the devil's children, while Nicky isn't 'into evil,' and is shown as a 'papa's boy.' The movie starts with Cassius and Adrian conspiring to take over Earth by leaving hell and messing up the balance between good and evil, thus taking power over everyone in the process. Their departure 'freezes the fire' through which souls enter hell, however, and the devil begins to fall apart, since no new souls can enter. He sets his only son left, Nicky, on a quest to go to Earth, find his brothers, and trap them in a silver flask, since they have to return to hell at the same time. Nicky hesitantly takes his father's orders and, with the help of a talking dog his father asked to help, settles into an apartment with a wannabe actor. He's soon found by two devil-worshiping guys who help him retrieve his flask as it's stolen by a petty thief. The guys befriend him and stand by his side against his brothers. Nicky also meets a girl he gets infatuated with, though he doesn't tell her the truth about him yet. She helps get his flask back from the thief, and they...

I recommend this film to any film fans. Give this one a shot, regardless of your personal view of Sandler and his talent. Sandler is one of the most underrated and ridiculed acts out there today, which is sad considering his remarkable talent. How many other performers out there today write, produce, and star in their own films?

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