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Default Movie Title from the 90s


Im searching for a movie for a really long time. i haven't seen it since the late 90s and since i was really young back then i can't remember the name or the actors anymore.

It was on TV already and it went a little like this.

In the beginning a Cop hunts down the Bad Guy on top of a skyscraper or kind of a high building. Then the Bad Guy falls/Jumps down and lands on the Concrete and blood flows all round his head. Then it runs back inside the Head and he stands up and runs away.

Later in the Movie there the Main Character with a Woman (maybe around 25-30) the woman knows how to get to a save house where some friends of her are waiting. BUT they can't get directly to the save house. She walks past by some Palmtrees and enters the warehouse where the save house is. But he walk straight for it and just enters a warehouse and then does the same moves as she did.

Again Later in the Movie theres another man beside the Woman and Guy, which is Older and sorta like 50+... The three are in an elevator and something happens and the walls fall apart and the old man says its all in their imagination and they should believe whats happening there. The floor starts to fall apart and the guy panics and falls down but gets caught by the woman and older guy and they drag him up again.

Last time later they all end up in a Desert where they hunt down the Bad Guy from the beginning.


Sadly i don't know the Name of that movie anymore but it hunts me down since i last saw it and i really watch it again but couldn't find it an it seems no one knows about this movie. I Hope some of you Movie Lovers like myself know the answer and can help me out!!

I really hope the best. Thanks in Advance.


P.S It was sort of a Sci-Fi Thriller
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