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Posted originally by gypsiegirl66 HERE.

I first want to state that our sites do not offer an app for our service.....

If you're Buying MG's with a true "smart phone" then access the site using your browser, the screen will look like it does on your computer

If you want to buy MG's on a non-smart phone and if it has a browser or has mobile web access then you can buy mg's similar to the way you would online. The screen will look a bit different, and there are a couple of more steps to it..

Open you browser, use the browser you prefer on your phone, ie Bing, then type in & click go, scroll down & click on The page will look different, but you can just go to login, type in your username & password click go & then go to buy MG's (on bing it was a bunch of blue tabs to choose from) click the buy MG's tab & you will then be in your user cp & will have to scroll way down until you see a list resembling this.....

Pay 9.99 US dollars to get 99 MG
Pay 19.99 US dollars to get 199 MG + 50 MG
Pay 29.99 US dollars to get 299 MG + 150 MG
Pay 49.99 US dollars to get 499 MG + 400 MG
Pay 99.99 US dollars to get 999 MG + 1000 MG

Click the amount you want and scroll down & hit SUBMIT

You will be taken to another page where you will have to scroll way down & click on CHECKOUT NOW.
You be taken to another page that tells you the risk that your connection may be temporally interrupted & and that personal info maybe accessed during this time. If you wish to continue then just hit your okay key on phone.

The next page will be your order summery and it will allow you to pay with Paypal or credit card. I suggest having a Paypal acct. if you do, click on Paypal and follow instructions. If you choose to pay with credit card then fill in all required info and hit REVIEW & CONTINUE.

That is as far as I got, not needing any points.

However, if you choose to you should have no problem buying the MG's with mobile web/browser.

Note: I personally would go to Walmart & pick up a visa gift card, they come $10,20,30 at some stores and $25, 50, 100 in others.... Other countries I don't know where you can access that, you should be able to go online and look it up for you area/country. Using a gift card will protect your personal banking issues. Also, if you use your phone web for personal things that would contain you personal info I would delete my history.

Remember there will be a small window of time that your info will not be protected, so you want to make it as safe as you are comfortable with when you make any purchases on your cell browsers.

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