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Default Poor Quality Film/Audio Prints & MG Refunds

Hello. Can someone please advise me how to get a MG refund for films that are of poor quality? A number of the films on the site are of such poor sound & film quality (as if someone snuck a camcorder into a theatre!) and others appear to be DVD quality. By purchasing MG's I think it is only reasonable to expect a dependable level of quality control. I have "purchased" movies that play fine, but the audio or picture quality is so poor, they are unwatchable and I've had to turn them off. How do I get my MG's refunded for the poorer quality films? And, how can I know what the quality of a film is BEFORE I click the play button? (There does not appear to be any "Film Print Quality" rating in the movie listings.) Unfortunately, for most films, the "comments" section is of little help as many commenters don't take the time in their reviews to include pertinent information such as picture & sound quality for other movie watchers, rather they say things like "stupid" or "really funny". Perhaps the site admins would consider listing the print & sound quality (DVD, Bootleg, etc.) in the film descriptions???

Please respond and let me know how to best rectify the situation. Thank you very much for your time.
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