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Originally Posted by malkabene View Post
I tried to watch the movie yesterday, even tried today.

It gets frozen since beginning, and firstly it takes long time to start the movie, then it brokes down, i tried reloaded. Nothing!

Please get back to me, I want reimbursment for my MG.

Thank you,
Hello. Sorry I didn't see your posts earlier (was sick all day & not online). I'm on my tablet right now, so can't check the movies (I'll do that when I get up on Sunday), but please see post number #1 for instructions on seeking reimbursement. You'll need to send a PM to Admin for that.

If you see this before I post again, could you provide a few details please? What are you viewing on - a computer, Smart TV, etc? Which operating system - Windows, Mac, etc, and which version - ex: Windows 10? What browser are you using - Chrome, Firefox, etc? I find that switching browsers often fixes a loading and/or speed issue. I'll check back later, once I've had a chance to check out the titles you mentioned.
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