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Originally Posted by Annalee763 View Post
But here's the problem ... people like this just don't seem to see how rude they are nor do they really care I am sure. I Do think they should be warned and if they still do not listen then they should be banned. This is such an awesome site and I do want to be here for as long as the site is available BUT I hope soon very soon something can be done about people leaving rude and/or discusting comments (and giving away the ending to the movie). Management please...please help us !!!! TY for answering my post Nikki ! Nice to meet you !
I totally agree with you Annalee - and lovely to meet you too!! And thanks Barb for the suggestions, that makes sense! Hopefully soon we won't have to do that if what Shinny says is right. And thanks Shinny for the reassurance, it's great that you are monitoring the site so well. I have to say, this is the BEST site I have ever been a member of and I love that members are allowed to discuss problems and that moderators actually take them seriously!! You guys rock!!!
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