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shinny 07-21-2011 01:52 PM

Forum Charter for
The objective of the forum charter is to provide members with a set of helpful guidelines which have been created by the moderators of In order to make your time more enjoyable at you should make yourself familiar with these details, which have been set out below:


- Personal Abuse will not be tolerated – Debate the post, do not attack the poster.

- Spamming / Advertising will not be tolerated (Posting the same topic in several forums is considered spamming, as is posting a link as your homepage to sites that contain illegal or inappropriate content)

- Inappropriate Posts will be removed – this includes vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

- Remember, not everyone may have seen the Movie you are discussing. If you are giving away plot points, please provide a spoiler tag warning in
the Title.

- Don't ask where/how you can download movies. Threads of this nature will be deleted and the author may incur an infraction/Ban.

- Members should not directly contact an administrator. All queries should be made through moderators of the site. The only exceptions are:

1) Lost MG's,
2) Login Issues
3) Serious issues with a Moderator / Super Moderator (however, you can contact another Super Moderator also)

- We respect our member's right to privacy and so will edit/remove any post we feel is an unnecessary invasion on that privacy.

- Txt speak or typing in capitals are not permitted.

Infractions & Bannings

A moderator will use his/her discretion when issuing out bans or infractions based on common sense. This means you might be issued a warning first, or depending on the seriousness of the problem, you might be instantly banned. A warning might be given publicly in a topic, over PM or using the infraction system.

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