View Full Version : Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation(2008)

04-22-2009, 07:44 PM

Ron Simmons (Josh Cooke) is ready to settle down and get married, but first, he must survive his out-of-control bachelor party. With his best buds shoving booze, women and more booze in his face. Ron journeys from his Cleveland, OH, home to Miami's South Beach with his three league bowling buddies, led by the thrice-divorce Derek Murphy (Harland Williams), whose day job is manning the counter at the local cash-and-go. Also along for the ride is Ron's germ-phobic product tester old college roommate Seth (Danny Jacobs) and Ron's sidewalk sign ad-holder friend Jason (Greg Pitts), not to mention Derek's precocious 12-year-old son Tommy (Max Landwirth). Hosting the all the ribald hijinks with a hidden agenda is Ron's future brother-in-law, Todd Grant (Warren Christie). Not to be left out, Grant's wife Autumn (Karen Eileen-Gordon) takes a couple stabs at hostessing a bachelorette party back in Cleveland for her sister Melinda (Sara Foster), which leads to some incredible four-generation debauchery at the local book club featuring gay male stripper Sally (Mauricio Sanchez). Down in Florida, Ron is going to have a tough time fighting temptation. Stripper fights, a *** addicts' convention and a suddenly-coed shake-your-booty competition all lead to solid laughs in this outrageous sequel to the 1984 comedy hit Bachelor Party...

a nice comedy to watch!

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