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08-26-2013, 07:48 PM
Le Premier Magazine Cinema - A monthly French movie magazine recently did an interview with Zack Snyder. (Translated) Question:

“The internet has been buzzing over the new casting announcement.” (interrupts)

Snyder: “What announcement is that?” (laughing)

Question continued: “What would you say to those who don’t get the casting choice?”

Snyder: “Argo F*** yourself!” (laughing) Seriously, we had to take into consideration that Affleck looks the part, and has a real solid base of knowledge in terms of Batman. I think it’s gonna be an awesome collaboration.

Question: “He has been a pretty successful director in his own right. Do you have any worries about reigning in his strong viewpoints, when trying to create your vision for the movie?”

Snyder: “Part of why he was chosen for this project, is his vision for Batman. Even though the ultimate responsibility falls on me, it is nice to have his direction in some areas. I feel like I know what our Superman is, and he helps us legitimize what our Batman will be.”

Question: “What kind of villains can we expect to see?”

Snyder: “I can’t give everything away, but it’s still a sequel to Superman. I see it more as bringing Batman into Superman’s world, creating more of a shared universe. I could see a Bruce versus Bernie Madoff type thing happening. (laughing)”

Question: “Cue Lex Luthor?”

Snyder: “It’s still an early work in progress [story] but if you want a confirmation... Lex will be very important for this movie.”

08-27-2013, 12:55 PM
Interesting article. :)