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04-21-2009, 01:53 AM

A sweet Midwestern guy (Bradford) with his life planned out for himself is wooed, groomed, and ultimately dumped by a complicated, elusive gal (Cuthbert).
For those few of you who didn't see the Korean version, My Sassy Girl is the story of a meek guy, Charlie (Bradford), who falls for a crazy girl, Jordon (Cuthbert). Charlie takes Jordon home after finding her passed out drunk on a subway platform, and his role as a reliable friend and caregiver continues long after, even in the constant verbal, physical and psychological abuse.
I can't say I understand the "original versus remake" fight. Yes, it's a remake, so what? The original one may be better, but this doesn't make this one unwatchable! So, for all remake haters: how much people do you think would've heard of this movie in it's original version as long as we know it's a 2001 film and the publicity it had was really weak? The remake it's really good fun, it's a romantic comedy, love story, fairy tale, whatever you wanna name it, it's gooood !!!!

http://www.movieonline.cc/images/playnow.png (http://www.movieonline.cc/index.php?mod=playing&movid=2009&urlid=5368&sid=0&player=)

I liked this movie because of the story, it's uncommon, it's unpredictable! Honestly, I'm tired of the classic comedy where boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy get's girl back or vice-versa. This one actually made me feel the story and believe the characters.

Totally watchable. Totally underrated. Totally...excellent!