View Full Version : Blood And Chocolate(2007)

04-20-2009, 11:31 PM

Blood and Chocolate is about a bunch of young hip-looking folks who also happen to be a group of werewolves lead by a slightly older leader named Gabriel (Martinez). I guess you could say that he IS the leader of the pack (Sorry, couldnt resist). Vivian (Bruckner) is the young, pretty werewolf, dripping with teenage attitude, who is supposed to be destined to rule beside him. The problem comes about when she falls for a human, which sets the pair of them against the pack. You can guess where this all leads.

Action and horror fans might be ok with this feature, but I suspect that even they will feel a little ripped off by the end of this one. Blood and Chocolate has some style to it, but it offers nothing new, or particularly clever, in the story, or action departments, and gyps us out of the cool changing scenes that I really like in werewolf movies. It didnt even give us a bunch of cool CGI wolf men, and women. In this day and age, this is expected. I mean Michael Jackson gave us a better werewolf than this 25 years ago. There has to have been some significant advances in the werewolf creation industry in all that time! Tell me that the Thriller video is not still the epitome of werewolf excellence. Lets hope that the next werewolf movie sets the bone just a little higher...

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