View Full Version : why i can't watch the movie for free?

04-20-2009, 11:03 PM
Why I abrotha got to pay for it? Why we just all can't watch the movies for free?:mad:

04-21-2009, 01:06 AM
Why I abrotha got to pay for it? Why we just all can't watch the movies for free?:mad:

We do have 100 free movies available at all times, and every movie that is added to the site will remain free for a short time (4-5 days). As new movies are added, the movies that have been in the "Free" area the longest will get moved over. to the "Reqired MG's" area.

Unforunately, to provide the type of On-Demand service we provide, costs money. You can choose not to donate for MG's, and take advantage of, watching our selection of Free Movies on Demand. You won't find another site, with the high quality and excellent service, as movieonline.cc, for commercial free movies on demand.

If you were to donate our minimum amount $9.99 (99MG's), and ONLY watched our most expensive movies 5MG's (price goes down for older movies). You would be able to watch 19+ movies, @ approx. 50c per movie.

Donate our maximum $99.99 (999MG's + 1000 Bonus MG's), you can watch 399 movies @ approx. .25c. The more money you donate, the more bonus MG's you receive.
With all of our donation packages (except for our $9.99), you will receive an additional amount of bonus MG's, depending on the donation.

Remember I'm basing this price, on the highest MG's costs. If you you throw in, some 4,3,2 &1 MG movies, imagine how many you can really watch.

Compare these prices with movie rental stores, or even Netflix. No one out there, has the high quality, that we have, for the price.

Like I said, you can still enjoy our "Free" movies. Just pop in everyday, or so, and check out what we've added. If you like something, you have about 4-5 days to watch it. :)