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04-20-2009, 10:52 PM

The film Gabriel reveals the battle between good and evil and the fight for the human soul. Set in a dark, dreary purgatory, there is a struggle between Arc and Fallen angels for control over the city of vice, violence and cruelty, and its population of re-born souls. At present, darkness rules and Gabriel, the last of seven Arcs sent to return the light, must assume a human form for the first time to wrestle the midworld away from the hands of the lead fallen angel 'Sammael' and his task force of gun toting followers. Gabriel is young, strong an the mightiest warrior since Michael, his predecessor, who has disappeared. Sammael's victory is assured throughout the film, as Gabriel plays into his hands, falling prey to human emotions, by tracking down and healing the broken Arc angels, including the lost angel "Jade" who has turned to drugs and vice to get by. All Arc's before him have failed in their mission. Just when you think its getting good for Gabriel, Sammael has one last card to play: the secret of his own past, the knowledge of which could destroy Gabriel forever. In the darkest places of the human soul, this lone arc angel's battle with his human feelings and emotions will prove as perilous as facing the Fallen.

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