View Full Version : Cube Zero(2004)

04-15-2009, 12:31 AM

In this third installment of the "Cube" series, the nature of the cube is finally explained: the cube is run by men behind the controls, operating all that occurs to anyone within it. But when one of the men (named Eric) working behind the cube sees that there is one woman (known as Rains) who catches his eye. This prompts Eric to question the disappearance of two of his coworkers, who don't seem to have returned from a very long absence. When Eric goes down to try and help the woman escape, he ends up trapped within the cube. And to make matters worse, the superiors of the cube send an unorthodox man named Jax to sort things out. The other worker (named Dodd) behind the cube tries his best to stop Jax from finding Eric. But time grows short, and Dodd can only do so much to save his friend and the other victims of the cube. And so it remains up to Eric to team up with both Rains and Haskell, a hostile victim of the cube. But there are many dangers up ahead.

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