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04-14-2009, 11:13 PM

Carrie is an attractive high school history teacher who one day decides to help a troubled student, taking an special interest for him, unaware of the ruthless and perverse scheme masterminded for her.
Has anyone noticed that Ashley Jones resembles a rather youthful Hillary Clinton?
Jones portrays a recently separated teacher who has won the teacher of the year award for going that extra mile for her social studies students. Problem is that by going that extra mile, she falls victim to a diabolic plot hatched by one of her excellent students along with his crooked uncle. New teachers should take note: Don't get overly involved.
Nice to see that factual information is included in one of the teacher's lessons. I am referring to the April, 1949 date of the beginning of NATO. Nowadays, facts are deemphasized for more critical thinking. That's why our students do so poorly on history exams. The lack of basic factual information is not there. Yes, the author of this review is a retired social studies teacher.
The movie is intriguing as you are shown how the teacher is set up.
It is certainly worthwhile viewing.

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