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09-16-2011, 12:05 PM
Now thats fine as your new crap site that doesnt play any movies not working is no suprise, you still have the realplayer site, now my problem is when i tried to play the same movie on the real.movieonline.cc it used 5 mgs again for a movie i just clicked previoussly on my other site, I want my 5 mgs back that was wasted on the new broke site please! Because on the old one if the movie didnt play the first time and you tried later it didnt charge you for the first 3 attempts. So the way I see it is you owe me 5 mgs plus another 5 from the same thing happening last night when I tried to watch Devils rock.

09-16-2011, 12:15 PM
You can send a PM to etworm requesting reimbursement. The fact that people would be charged again for using the other site to watch the same movie was outlined in yesterday's announcement.

Flash streaming is available now!
Flash streaming can provide much better quality and avoid Realplayer compatibility problem which bug many members for a long time.
Members still can watch our all RM movies at http://real.movieonline.cc. But we will close RM streaming one year later.

3. Members' viewing history will be recorded respectively on Flash site: http://movieonline.cc and RM site: http://real.movieonline.cc because two sites use two independent VOD system. And the same movie will charge you twice even you watch it on two sites in 24hrs by the same reason.