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02-07-2009, 10:53 AM
This film is fantastic it's not a typical film i would normally watch but the acting is really good. i hardly ever use the word fantastic when i watch a film but this film had an impact on me. It's really is hard-hitting and ending really confused me. was it real or did the whole thing his imagination ?. if anyone has watched this film they can tell me. i love it when the film make you question the ending because it's not clear-cut :cool:

I think this a good film to kick start forum film discussion. Please note just because i like this film doesn't mean you will but this movie is something that makes you think afterwards.

Elisha Cuthbert does a fantastic performance in this film and for those of who think she can't act might be surprised to see do a good performance as Vanessa Parks. Still it was awkward seeing her kiss Christian Slater Character. He also does a good performance as well.

What makes this film stand out in my mind is how a normal person driven to this and you can understand where this character is coming from. This film show the human condition and how 1 act can change your life.